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Cedar Grove-Belgium School District

School Closing/Delay Information




School Closing and Delays

The CG-B school district administration and staff understand that a decision to open or close schools, delay opening, or dismissal early during inclement weather situations has a big effect on families. It also understands that our students are better served academically and socially when being in school. When weather conditions pose threats to the safety of our students and staff, a decision to close, delay, or dismiss early is heavily weighed. Weather reports, local road conditions, current and anticipated accumulations, and consultation with neighboring decision-makers all play a part in determining if school should run under normal operating hours or be modified or closed to ensure the safety of our students and staff is not compromised.


Methods of Communicating School Closing/Delayed Status


Automated Calling System

An emergency automated calling system will be the primary communication system utilized to notify parents, students, and staff members about school closing and delays, and early dismissals. The emergency automated calling system will be activated for school closings due to severe weather and other emergencies such as power outages.


In order for the emergency automated calling system to work efficiently and effectively, primary, updated phone information is necessary. It is important that parents and guardians update their phone information in Infinite Campus and “click” the preferred notification methods. With severe weather notifications and power outage notifications, the emergency automated system includes a phone notification, which is the default mode and cannot be changed to email or text due to the nature of the communication. Parents may contact their child’s school office for assistance in setting up notification methods in addition to providing current phone number information.


Additional Information Associated to the Automated Calling System

·         The automated phone call will likely occur between 5:30 am-6:30 am when school is cancelled or delayed.

·         The automated system will contact the primary numbers on file in respective school offices.

·         The calling technology is not able to dial extensions, advance through an automated attendant message system common to many work places, or call toll free numbers.

·         If an answering machine picks up, the message automated system will leave a message.



The following television stations will communicate school delays and closings:


TMJ 4            Fox 6       NBC26               WISN 12         


Students in Daycare

The school district will make a timely decision so that parents can plan arrangements for daycare. It is helpful to situations as such that parents develop and review a plan with their child(ren) in advance of the winter season.


Individual Concerns

When school is open, all students are expected to attend. At the same time, the administration recognizes that individual circumstances vary and parents ultimately have the authority to make the decision regarding students attending on days where weather conditions are questionable.  


How is a School Closing, Delay, or Early Dismissal Made?

The Superintendent makes the decision to close schools, open schools, delay opening, or dismiss early when weather conditions pose a hazard to students and staff. While the safety of students and staff is the district’s overriding concern, it is important to avoid disrupting learning unless it is absolutely necessary. Weather prediction is not an exact science. Some school closing decisions are clear cut while others are more difficult due to potential changes and shifts in weather patterns.


The Superintendent in consultation with the district bus contractor, bus company representatives, and decision makers from surrounding school districts make the decision to close, delay, or dismiss early based on the following factors:

·         Current and Predicted Conditions: The amount of snow on the ground and how many inches of snow are forecasted. The rate of snow falling. Is sleet or rain freezing upon hitting the ground? Are temperatures predicted to rise or fall after sunrise?

·         Actual Driving Conditions: Representatives from the bus company travel the roadways as part of the decision-making process. The main roads and side roads are traveled to determine district-wide conditions.

·         Actual Weather Impacting CGBSD: Through collaboration with neighboring decision makers and county officials, information is obtained about weather patterns moving toward the school district boundaries.


Two Hour Delay Information

A two hour delay in the opening of school is sometimes all that is needed to improve the conditions of the roads, our parking lots, and walk ways. In the event of a two hour delay, there will be no AM early childhood or AM 4K. School will begin exactly two hours later than the normal start.


When Schools are closed, what happens to after school scheduled activities?

When schools are closed or need to be dismissed early due to weather conditions, all evening activities associated to CGBSD are cancelled. The evening activities include sporting events, clubs, performances, community use of facilities, fitness center, gym and swim, and other school-related special events. In unique circumstances where weather is predicted to improve, activities may continue when approved by the Superintendent as per District Policy 8220.